Cristiano Ronaldo kicks the captain’s armband after the elimination of the European Championship and the Portuguese do not forgive him (VIDEO)


28 jun 2021 14:35 GMT

Belgium beat the Portuguese team by the minimum in the round of 16 of the continental tournament.

The Portugal team was eliminated in the round of 16 of the European Championship after losing to Belgium 1-0 and Cristiano Ronaldo showed his frustration by kicking the captain’s armband, which has become the target of strong criticism from Portuguese fans and Internet users.

Once the game was over, when the captain of the Portuguese team directed to the dressing room from the La Cartuja stadium in Seville, Spain, took off the bracelet and kicked it. The accessory was later picked up by another Portuguese player.

In an article in the newspaper A Bola about what happened, various users they called it “shameful” and “lack of respect for Portugal” the attitude of the forward. “Once again, it is clear that does not have the character to be captain of the Portuguese team “;” feeling or knowing that you are the best player in the world should give you a lot of responsibility, respect and humility towards the country you represent, but what he did was very ugly, attacked his own country and that should not be forgiven “, were some of the comments.

Similar criticisms also rained down on him on social media, where netizens they opined who demonstrated an attitude of “a whimsical child that he didn’t get away with it. “Cristiano Ronaldo” has thrown the captain’s armband again. Zero respect for your country“, sentenced a Twitter user.

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