Cristiano Ronaldo and the spell of the barrier

Someone, mindful of the barriers centered in Juve’s three years, breathed a sigh of relief on Sunday evening during Belgium-Portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo with the right he engages Courteous after the balloon has avoided the “human wall”? That’s exactly how it went, even if there was no goal and the disappointment of CR7 and all those who support him remains. Now, beyond the fact that his future still speaks the language of Juventus, the memory of the free-kicks kicked between Manchester and Madrid and the differences with the performance of the last three years are not erased, so much so as to unleash even unpleasant criticisms. Like that of the former English striker Ian Wright: “I read that his average free-kick goal is one in 50. It’s true, he hit the goal against Belgium, but Courtois had plenty of time to see the ball.” In fact, it wasn’t the hardest save of his career for the goalkeeper despite the fact that the ball was traveling loaded with poison.

To date in the Juve shirt he has scored a single goal from a free kick

But for Ronaldo the taboo of free kicks in the post Real remains with all its heaviness. The over 70 attempts made from 2018 to today in the Juve shirt burn, with a single goal in the curriculum, dated 4 July 2020 in the derby against Turin and with Salvatore Sirigu stretched out in a useless dive in front of the mocking trajectory of CR7. That was the 43rd free kick of the Portuguese champion in black and white. Before and after, here is the specialty of the opponent’s barrier punctually hit. But Cristiano never lost heart and continued to beat them. Whether you still play with Juve, or in Paris Saint-Germain or who knows where, he won’t stop.

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