Crispy fried artichokes, the tasty and very simple recipe

Fried artichokes are a classic of the cuisine of many Italian culinary traditions, they are a different way to cook this vegetable so important for health and a healthy diet. With this recipe, artichokes can also become a greedy and tasty dish for a different meal. The preparation is really very simple, but the crunchy and soft result at the same time will give you a pleasant surprise on the palate.

Fried artichokes

Crispy fried artichokes, the recipe for a delicious dish


  • 120 g of soft cheese like Galbanino
  • 8 artichokes
  • 2 eggs
  • Breadcrumbs to taste
  • Farina q.b.
  • Corn seed oil
  • Salt and Pepper To Taste
  • Lemon juice
  • Chopped parsley


  1. To prepare crispy and tasty fried artichokes, start by washing and cleaning the artichokes, taking care to remove the outer leaves, the internal fluff and also the hard ends. The heart of the stalk will be fine after you fillet it well.
  2. Take the artichokes and leave them in the water and lemon, while in the meantime you take care of the other ingredients. Put some flour in one dish, put the breadcrumbs in another and in a bowl beat eggs together with salt, chopped parsley and pepper.
  3. Take the artichokes that you left in the water and lemon, drain them well, open them and fill them with the diced soft cheese like Galbanino.
  4. At this point, pass the artichokes in the flour, then in the eggs and finally in the breadcrumbs.
  5. Now the artichokes are ready to be cooked. Fry the artichokes in a pan with hot seed oil over medium heat. In this way the cooking of the artichokes will be uniform both inside and outside.
  6. Fry the artichokes one by one and when they are cooked, place them on absorbent paper and let them dry for a minute. Serve the crispy fried artichokes while still hot.
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