Crime scene ends summer break with Vienna crime thriller from the gym

Photo: Hubert Mican / Allegro Film / ARD Degeto / ORF / dpa

New season 2020/21: After the summer break, the “crime scene“On September 6th with an Austrian case.

This emerges from the ARD program planning for the first. In the ORF thriller “Pumpen”, the first Austro-crime scene“Of the year 2020, the search for traces leads investigators Moritz Eisner and Bibi Fellner (Harald Krassnitzer and Adele Neuhauser) to a fitness studio.

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The question is: is there a trade in prohibited substances in this murder case or is there a completely different motive behind the crime? The team from Austria was last seen on November 24, 2019 with a new thriller – the case played in Carinthia on the Großglockner.

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With the episode in early September, the 47th Eisner thriller with Harald Krassnitzer, the filmmaker Andreas Kopriva celebrates his “crime scene-Debut based on a screenplay by Robert Buchschwenter and Karin Lomot. Krassnitzer, who has been with Wien- “crime scene“Is there, turns 60 a few days after the broadcast – on September 10th.

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Adele Neuhauser (61) has been with Bibi Fellner for the 23rd time since 2011. At the beginning of the shooting for the “Pumps” case, she said according to the ORF announcement: “There are always new situations in which the character gets into. In this thriller, Bibi even has a man by her side, which leads to irritation. ”

Source: dpa

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