Cremona Evening – Presentation of “Music for the suburbs”, a small series of band concerts in the city’s districts

“Based on what was proposed years ago by what was then the provincial band, we wanted to create a small review of band performances in peripheral areas of Cremona.” the Councilor for Culture Luca Burgazzi opens.

“A way to enhance and animate the city districts, which adds to the other initiatives, moved by the same purpose, undertaken up to now, also promoting the musical activity that the bands play in the territories: in some small and medium-sized centers cities, in fact, are the only means for the diffusion of music.” continues the commissioner.

The review, called Music for the Suburbs – whose program was illustrated in the morning during a press conference at SpazioComune, in the presence of the Councilor for Culture Luca Burgazzithe commissioner with responsibility for the Quarters Luca Zanacchie Andrew Maggionipresident of the Cremona Band Coordination – is divided into five appointmentsin as many districts of the city.

Will open the series of performances on August 27 the Banda S. Cecilia di Bozzolo in the small square in front of the church of San Sebastiano (via San Sebastiano, 9), while the Cannetese band body the exhibition will close on 30 September at the Maristella, in the green area of ​​via dei Maestri Muratori. All the band bodies adhere to the

Coordination of the Cremona-Mantova Bands.

Musica per le Periferie is part of the “Cultura Bene Comune 9 2023” project, an initiative resulting from the collaboration between the Culture and Tourism Sector and the Social Policies Sector, Neighborhoods and Commons Center of the Municipality of Cremona, which arises from the need to expand the places and ways in which to create culture in the city, decentralizing the proposals and/or placing them in new and alternative contexts, spaces and areas of the territory that are not normally considered possible places in which to propose cultural activities, or even the usual spaces of which propose new uses, also aimed at developing cultural welfare, as an integrated model for promoting the well-being and health of people and communities, through inclusive practices based on the visual and performing arts and on cultural heritage.

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In particular, the review of the band bodies, which has obtained patronage and subsidy, falls within the culture common good as a heritage of relationships in the neighborhoods. The current context identifies an extremely proactive city full of initiatives, this offer is often concentrated in a few spaces, highlighting a great abundance of events in places considered “usual venues” for entertainment, which is contrasted by a progressive rarefaction of the proposals in other areas of the city. This theme intends to multiply the opportunities for meeting and strengthen the fabric of the community, enhancing all the neighborhoods and thus favoring new urban geographies.

Review programme

27 August 2023 – 8.30 pm

S. Cecilia band of Bozzolo

small square in front of the church of San Sebastiano – via San Sebastiano, 9

3 September 2023 – 9 pm

Casalbuttano and Offanengo Wind Orchestra

small square in front of the church of S. Ambrogio – via S. Francesco d’Assisi, 5

9 September 2023 – 6.00 pm

Pandino Band

square in front of the church of Picenengo – via Picenengo, 7

17 September 2023 – 9 pm

Bandistico Quinzanese

Migliaro – Green area in via Ca’ del Binda

30 September 2023 – 5.30 pm

Cannetese band body

Maristella – Green area in via dei Maestri Muratori

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