Craft instead of studies: Berlin FDP wants to nationalize the costs of master craftsman training – Berlin

The FDP parliamentary group in the Berlin House of Representatives calls for a quality offensive for vocational training in the city and wants to support young people who decide to do an apprenticeship and not to study.

Specifically, the Liberals propose that the state finance the fee for the master craftsman’s examination first, but later the costs for the master’s training as a whole. In addition, vocational orientation is to become part of the lesson plan much earlier than before, the affinity to craft activities in craft classes is to be strengthened and the equipment of vocational schools – especially in the area of ​​digitization – is to be improved.

Maren Jasper-Winter, spokeswoman for training and further education in her parliamentary group, has summarized the proposals in a ten-point paper that is available to the Tagesspiegel. In the introduction, she explains that training companies, vocational schools and trainees have been neglected by the red-red-green Senate for years, and that urgently needed reforms and progress have been delayed.

According to Jasper-Winter, the number of new training contracts between 2019 and 2020 fell by twelve percent, which is significantly more than the national average. In addition, there is the highest number of apprenticeship contracts in Germany and the highest starting age for training. “Vocational training in Berlin finally needs a turnaround. Shortly before the beginning of the next training year, the Senate must finally pool all its strengths and act, ”demands Jasper-Winter.

Handicraft lessons at all primary schools in Berlin

There is no shortage of suggestions. By introducing handicrafts at all Berlin elementary schools, the pupils should be given an appreciation for manual work, explains Jasper-Winter. It promotes combining craftsmanship and creativity, promoting fine motor skills and imparting knowledge from technology and specialist sciences.

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Maren Jasper-Winter is spokeswoman for training and further education of the FDP parliamentary group.Photo: Promo

Jasper-Winter hopes that the Berlin-wide introduction of handicrafts in primary schools will provide greater motivation to take up vocational training and thus a reversal of the currently increasing focus on studies.

“Trainee ambassadors” are supposed to present professions in schools

“We want to ensure that all Berliners understand vocational training as a perspective for their own life,” says Jasper-Winter and promotes vocational training as a prerequisite for “shaping life according to their own wishes and through their own work and performance to achieve social advancement ”.

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In order to strengthen vocational training as an alternative to studying, Jasper-Winter also wants to focus on career orientation. She is currently leading a “neglected existence”, explains the education politician and advocates making professional orientation part of the teaching objective. Using so-called “trainee ambassadors”, specific job profiles could be presented to the classes based on the example of other countries or companies.

In addition, Jasper-Winter advocates involving parents more closely in vocational orientation programs, as they would have a decisive influence on the professional profiles of children. In addition, she calls for dormitory places for trainees and scholarship programs based on the model of promoting gifted students during studies.

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