Covid: France under pressure, alert on resuscitation – World

The dilemma of a new, more rigid lockdown to stop the expansion of the coronavirus weighs on Emmanuel Macron. The president struggling with a new resurgence of Covid-19 in numerous regions of France would have preferred to give himself more time to evaluate the effects of the measures already introduced on March 18, but a new further tightening compared to the current ‘soft’ confinement could already arrive in the next few days in the most affected areas, including that of Paris.

Among the reasons, the growing pressure on resuscitation wards increasingly at risk. In an intervention published in the newspaper Le Monde, nine doctors from AP-HP, the consortium that brings together Parisian hospitals, harshly criticize the government, evoking the risk of having to select the sick. “By forcing medical personnel to decide which patient should live, the government is hypocritically taking responsibility”, they warn, appealing to the executive to “assume its strategy before the whole of society”.

Coronavirus patients are now younger and have more severe forms of the disease than in the previous two waves, perhaps also due to the power of the new variants. Meanwhile, Macron is expected today in Créteil, in the Parisian hinterland, as part of his initiatives to “accelerate the vaccination campaign”. Macron will meet, among other things, the operators of the telephone platform in charge of contacting the over-75 not yet vaccinated. Yesterday, the number of patients in resuscitation rose to 4,872, touching the peak of the second wave of autumn (4,903). On March 18, the Court of Auditors also asked to increase the number of beds in intensive care and to “rethink” the current model.

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