Covid-19 spread in the world is slowing down –

Although Europe is still the center of the pandemic, the increase in infections has slowed sharply.

In Europe, an average of 236,900 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed each week this week, well over the US and Canada, where the figure is 174,000.

In Europe, strict quarantine regimes have been announced in many countries, and the number of new infections has fallen by 10% for the second week in a row.

Europe is the only continent where the number of new infections is clearly declining, according to data collected by the AFP news agency on Friday.

In the US and Canada, Africa and the Middle East, it is stable, rising by a tenth in Latin America and the Caribbean and by 13% in Asia.

In Oceania, only 24 new cases per day have been detected compared to the previous week, but this is an increase of 64%.

Infections have risen sharply in Mexico, by 113% a week to an average of 8,400 new cases a day.

Turkey ranks second in the world with a 76% increase. It is followed by Azerbaijan (60%) and Serbia (45%). Pakistan, Japan and South Africa are up 27%.

All the countries with the largest decreases in new infections are in Europe. It has fallen by almost half in France, by 37% in Belgium, by a third in Switzerland and by a quarter in Spain and the United Kingdom.

All five countries have strict quarantine regimes and very strict restrictions.

The United States has the highest number of new infections, averaging 168,700 cases per day per week. The United States is followed by India (44,000) and Brazil (31,800).

While the number of new infections in the United States has remained stable, it has risen sharply in India (12%), Brazil (11%) and Russia (10%).

In proportion to the population, the largest increase this week was observed in Georgia – 642 new infections per 100,000 population. It is followed by the Balkan countries of Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia.

Also in terms of Covid-19-related deaths, the United States remains the worst affected country in the world, with an average of 1,571 cases per day. The United States is followed by Italy (711), Mexico (591), France (547), India (521) and Poland (497).

In terms of the total number of deaths, the United States ranks first with 263,462 cases. This is followed by Brazil (171,460), India (135,715), Mexico (104,242) and the United Kingdom (57,031).

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