“Covid-19 never isolated”, says the scientist Stefano Scoglio. VIDEO


The candidate for the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2018, Stefano Scoglio publishes on Byoblu his latest study entitled “The invented pandemic, the new pathology of asymptomaticity and the invalidity of the test for Covid19”.

According to the scientific researcher and Director of the Nutritherapy Research Center of Urbino, in this long interview, “SarsCov2 has never been isolated”. Although there are studies that claim the opposite, the professor with data and papers in hand, explains how the virus separation process would never have been carried out: “I have examined all the studies that claim to have isolated and even tested the virus, but they all did something very different: they took the pharyngeal or broncho-alveolar fluid of the patients, they centrifuged it to separate the larger molecules from the smaller molecules, such as the alleged viruses; they then took the supernatant (the top of the centrifuged material) and called that extremely complex matrix ‘virus isolate’. “

The fact that SarsCov2 has not been isolated poses further doubts on the veracity and efficacy of the swabs and serological tests, explains Scoglio, revealing another extremely serious fact and at the basis of the decision to close the entire country: “There are 78 types of swabs, some of which imported from China; none of these have ever been checked or inspected or validated, the European Commission affirms it ”in the Working Document of 16 April.

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