Covid-19 – Education: mess in schools

Parents fear sending their children to school again.

After the Lorette college of St-Pierre, St-Joseph, Port-Louis Nord SSS, Sir Leckraj Teeluck, GMD Atchia, SSS St-Aubin, SSS Simadree Virahsawmy and the Nid de Triolet, Thursday, yesterday, it is the SSS Rajkumar Gujadhur in Flacq which closed its doors after a positive case was detected among Grade 12 students.

Sooryadanand Meetooa, president of l’Education Officers Union (EOU), says the situation is worrying as many cases are scattered throughout schools. To clarify the situation, it would have been necessary, according to him, to close all the schools, without exception. Decision that would not have impacted the students, given that online education works, he says. “On the contrary, it’s advantageous. Because there is fear and panic. Even in schools where there are no cases, some parents do not want to send their child. “

Regarding the communication of the authorities, Sooryadanand Meetooa confides that he would have liked more transparency and that all cases be revealed. Other rectors explain that sometimes they are notified late in the evening, so it is quite difficult for them to notify the students.. “Normally there are Facebook pages that help. Otherwise, you have to call all the parents. ”

On the primary side, several teachers confirm a mess. “Parents are afraid to send their child to school.” They believe that schools cannot close their doors indefinitely, because children will be penalized.

New protocols in force

A circular issued on July 20 by the Senior Chief Executive of the Ministry of Education stipulates that as soon as a student or staff member tests positive, the school must close for two days so that the regional health office can disinfect the establishment on the first day and proceed to a washing and ventilation of the premises on the second day. The school will be able to resume its activities after these two days following the approval of the Ministry of Education, except for those who have been in direct contact with the positive case, who will be placed in quarantine or in self-isolation.

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A case at MITD

A case was detected in the late afternoon at Knowledge Based Training Centre from Mauritius Institute of Training and Development (MITD) from Port-Louis on Wednesday July 21. If schools usually close automatically after the discovery of a case, it has been a real obstacle course for the union to ensure that health measures are applied.

“On Wednesday at 2 pm, we were called in for an emergency meeting. We were told that there was a positive case among the students in the diploma department. And it is only this department that was closed, without considering that during all this time the pupils attend the same canteen and the same staff ”, explains Caroline Veerasamy-Baya, vice-president of MITD Employees’ Union, who says that it was only around 11 a.m. on Thursday that the Ministry of Labor closed the school.

And despite numerous emails and requests from the union, Thursday morning a pawn was working in the diploma department, even taking the temperatures and the door was not closed. “This situation really worried us because at the center we all hang out.” Until now, while awaiting the results of PCR tests from a dozen other employees and students in self-isolation, only one positive case has been detected.

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