COVID-19: copper masks to kill the virus


A French laboratory has designed masks with a layer of copper, capable of killing the virus.

“Our masks are dressed in four layers of protection, one of which is copper, a material that destroys viruses and bacteria,” Benjamin Waroquier explained to the newspaper “Le Parisien” on Saturday.

Pharma Nature, a company based in Montpellier, is currently the only laboratory to offer this kind of mask in France, he added.

Sold at around $ 20, the masks have a protection period of 40 hours which is renewed with each wash, according to the French daily. They can be used for over a year, a durability that can also benefit the environment.

Copper is a material which is used in the medical environment for its antiseptic properties, while its use on textiles has been successfully tested, particularly in China and Chile.


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