Covid-19: 8,000 reinforcements in National Education

Jean-Michel Blanquer

©France Info screenshot


This was announced by Jean-Michel Blanquer

At least 8,000 additional reinforcements in total will be mobilized in National Education very soon to manage the health crisis, announced Jean-Michel Blanquer, the Minister of National Education, Friday morning, on France Info.

Among these reinforcements, 1,500 educational assistants, supervisors, will strengthen the school life teams in colleges and high schools. This was announced by the Minister of National Education at the end of the meeting with the unions. Then, 1,500 additional administrative temporary workers will support school principals and heads of establishments.

Jean-Michel Blanquer also announced the recruitment of 1,700 “coronavirus mediators” additional. “These are people who come to schools whenever there is work to do, for example when we do the saliva tests in numbers”.

In addition, Jean-Michel Blanquer announced the upcoming recruitment of 3,300 contract teachers, a figure included in the 6,000 contract positions announced as reinforcements from December 2020 (..). These 3,300 people will in fact see their contract extended to cover the entire school year.

The Minister also announced the provision of 5 million FFP2 masks for teachers.


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