court culture | “IVIES” concert as part of Musi Duss 2022 – Lustenau

One thing has always been clear with the IVIES: there is no such thing as pretense, only those who are honest and listen openly to the world can find their place in the music. This credo is uncompromisingly enforced at the IVIES with (still) youthful energy and DIY mentality. The guys from Lustenau are not only concerned with setting themselves to music, but above all with making music for and with people. With their debut album they also deliver a “best of”, a collection of all the songs that have been created along the way. These sound unembellished like the open air that youth lets you breathe, like the needle scratching vinyl, like the membranes humming through the summer night, like the water in which you wash your soul clean the next day.

Event as part of the Hofkultur Festival 2022.

A series of events organized by the Lustenau cultural department.

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