Couple lets dog off leash – “Enno” falls 30 meters – Tyrol

Animal rescue operation in the Tyrolean Mayrhofen! Dog “Enno” fell several meters over a narrow ridge – and was very lucky.

This holiday hike would have for the seven and a half year old dog “Enno” (Breed “Danish Broholmer”) ended almost fatally on Thursday afternoon.

The four-legged friend was on the hiking trail from Astegg to Burgstall with his mistress and master, where “Enno” kept happily pulling on the leash.

Luckily, “Enno” was uninjured in the crash.ZOOM.TIROL

Holidaymakers dialed emergency services

“Then they hung your darling off the leash, which caused it to deviate from the narrow path and fall 30 meters over steep, impassable terrain,” says the mountain rescue service.

The German holiday couple, regular holidaymakers in the Zillertal for several years, made the right decision and, due to the steep terrain, made an emergency call asking for professional help.

dog unharmed

Five members of the Mayrhofen mountain rescue team went out shortly after 1 p.m. and were able to gently pull “Enno”, who fortunately remained uninjured from the crash, back up the climb on the basket stretcher using a safety rope.

The animal mission was successfully completed after a little over an hour.

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