Cottarelli’s recipe for the restart starts from the nurseries

(Teleborsa) – To restart Italy it is necessary to start from the nursery schools. This is what he says Carlo Cottarelli, one of the new technicians of the Draghi government chosen as advisor to the Minister of PA Renato Brunetta. The Economist, in his latest book “To hell and back”, presented in an interview with La Repubblica, talks about reduction of inequalities and of equal opportunities, underlining that “to have a just society we must give everyone the same starting possibilities”.

Today in Italy the coverage of kindergartens is 24.7% and it is less than the 33% recommended by the EU, explains Cottarelli, who aims to “bring the degree of coverage at least 60% with an equal distribution in all regions “.

“In the very first years of life, as many studies show – he says – inequalities can be reduced thanks to education, which depend, for example, on the economic conditions of the family of birth, which if they are not dealt with immediately risk widening”.



However, Cottarelli does not only speak of equality, but also of merit. “On the basis of equality of opportunity a greater reward for individual merit must be inserted“, emphasizes the economist, noting” it seems to me that in Italy this concept has been forgotten and that a concept of equality of arrival points prevails, a redistributive equality that limits the incentives to grow and which risks rewarding inertia ” .

“In Northern European countries the social lift works better”, says Cottarelli, explaining “let’s take those who start from a condition of poverty, that is, in the lowest quintile of the income distribution: in Italy or France it takes on average five generations to reach an intermediate level of income, while in those of Northern Europe two generations are enough.

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The PA adviser then cites a third element: the solidarity. “Those who arrive first often do so also because they were lucky and it is right that in some way they share this luck, says Cottarelli, also hinting at a redistributive tax system, “which makes it possible to provide public services which in turn give similar possibilities to all”, as is the case with nursery schools.

A nod also to solution of the high public debt, which consists of the make reforms and accelerate growth. “Not only because of the denominator effect that makes GDP grow more than the numerator, that is the debt – says the economist – but also because growth also changes the numerator: more productive activity means more taxes collected by the state and therefore minor deficits that translate into a reduction in debt “.

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