Coronavirus | WHO is alarmed by high mortality rates in South America | COVID-19

The World Health Organization (WHO) showed concern on Tuesday about the evolution of the pandemic in South America, where eight of the ten countries that currently have the highest mortality rates from COVID-19.

“The situation in South America continues to be very worrying,” said the director of Health Emergencies of the WHO, Mike Ryan, who also indicated that four of the ten countries with the most absolute cases in the world last week were in that region (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Chile).

“Mortality has increased in countries like Paraguay and Bolivia by around 20% last week,” warned Ryan, after adding that the rate of patients who died from the COVID-19 in the region it is higher than the global average and is around 3-5%.

“Disease transmission in the region is still intense”

“This may be a reflection of the severity of the disease, but it may also be the result of a lack of access to medical care and the pressure that health systems have had in many countries,” he said.

Ryan also pointed out that the percentage of positives in the tests was COVID-19 of which are made in many Latin American countries is also high, reaching 37% in Paraguay and 33% in Argentina.

“The transmission of the disease in the region is still intense, the health systems are under a lot of pressure and this is reflected in the high mortality rates,” he said, recalling that in the absence of high vaccination figures, it is advisable to maintain preventive measures such as the mask or physical distancing.

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