Coronavirus USA: When could Pfizer’s vaccine start shipping?


U.S you are still living very difficult times due to the coronavirus pandemic and people continue to live in great fear of being infected. Despite the dark outlook in the American Union, a little light is beginning to show.

Some vaccines in the world are already in their final stages, and although that of Astra Zeneca showed some problems, which apparently have already been solved, another of the vaccines that could be ready soon is that of Pfizer.

Although Anthony Fauci, a ‘White House’ medical expert believes a vaccine is unlikely Before the end of this year, the reality is that the American pharmaceutical company hopes to have the vaccine ready before the end of the year.

When does the Pfizer vaccine start to be distributed?

Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, announced this Sunday that the Pfizer vaccine will begin to be distributed before the end of this year, this despite the expectations that have been on the part of medical experts.

Bourla said in an interview with CBS that he hopes that the vaccine they are preparing in collaboration with BioNTech I know, be effective and can be ready before the end of the year, although he recognized that this requires FDA approval.

The director also assured that he hopes that by the end of October they can have results of the final phase, although he accepted that “of course that does not mean that it works; that means we’ll know if it works. “

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