Coronavirus live ticker: +++ 06:19 train travel in the corona crisis: Scheuer sees no reason to panic +++


Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer sees no reason for passengers to generally avoid traveling by train in the Corona crisis. “There is no need to panic if everyone adheres to the rules of conduct,” said the CSU politician. “The number of passengers is far, far below what we had at peak times.” Recent studies have shown that trains are not a hotspot, any more than planes. “With the digital helpers such as apps, consumers can see the occupancy rate when booking and consider whether to take the next train,” said Scheuer. “That is also a matter of common sense. I know that it is more difficult in the S-Bahn because you have to go to work in the morning or you need the S-Bahn to get to an appointment.” The minister had already spoken out against the obligation to make reservations on trains. This would mean less flexibility. There is also the risk that fares could become more expensive and deficits in transport companies would have to be compensated because capacities are falling.

+++ 05:11 Bill Gates expects several vaccines very soon +++
Bill Gates expects a breakthrough in vaccine research early next year. “I expect that, with a little luck, three or even four of them will be approved in the first quarter,” says the Microsoft founder of the newspaper “Bild”. The challenge then is to mass-produce the drug. “To get the vaccine to seven billion people, we need almost 14 billion doses. That has never been done before,” said Gates.

+++ 04:27 Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein allow sex work again +++
Sex work is again permitted in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein from Tuesday under strict conditions – but only in registered prostitution facilities. “The practice of prostitution in any kind of vehicles and in the context of prostitution events is also prohibited,” said the Hamburg social authority, which is also responsible for health. After months of corona lockdown, the two countries agreed on a coordinated approach to re-admission of prostitution last week. According to the social authorities, a hygiene concept must be in place to keep the risk of infection low. Other requirements include wearing a face-to-face mask, making appointments in advance, recording customer contact data, adequate ventilation and a ban on alcohol. “In addition, the trade can only be operated in a ratio of 1 to 1,” said the Kiel Interior Ministry.

+++ 03:19 Slovakia classifies neighboring Czech Republic as a risk country +++
Slovakia has declared its former sister republic the Czech Republic a corona risk country. As Foreign Office State Secretary Martin Klus announced on Facebook after a meeting of the national Corona crisis team, travelers from the neighboring country will in future have to show a negative Corona test that is no older than 72 hours, or quarantine at least five days at home. The regulation comes into force on Friday. The Czech Republic and Slovakia were one state until January 1, 1993. To this day there are close economic and family ties between the two countries.

+++ 02:27 One of the world’s most important art fairs in Paris is canceled +++
The Paris art fair Fiac (Foire international d’art contemporain) is canceled due to the Corona crisis. As the organizer announced on October 22nd to 25th, the event in the Grand Palais exhibition building not far from the Champs-Élysées has been canceled. The 47th Fiac trade fair is now planned for October 21 to 24 next year in the French capital. Last year the fair opened its doors with around 200 gallery owners. The exhibitors included the most important names in the industry such as Gagosian, Thaddaeus Ropac, Hauser & Wirth and David Zwirner. Alongside Art Basel and Frieze in London, Fiac is one of the most important trade fairs in the industry.

+++ 01:38 More than 132,000 corona deaths in Brazil +++
The corona virus continues to spread in Brazil. The Ministry of Health reports 15,155 new infections. This increases the total number of infections to 4.345 million. The number of deaths rose by 381 to 132,006 within 24 hours. Brazil has the highest number of infections and deaths worldwide in the coronavirus pandemic after the USA and India.

+++ 00:46 Germans have only partially paid travel repatriation costs +++
The German travelers stranded in the wake of the global corona outbreak have so far reimbursed the federal government 2.7 million euros for travel repatriation costs. This is reported by the newspaper “Bild” (Tuesday edition), citing information from the Foreign Office. Around half of the total costs of 94 million euros are to be borne by the European Union, the other half of 47 million euros is to be paid by those stranded abroad. “The payment deadline for a very large number of notices has not yet expired,” the Foreign Office told the newspaper. Around 240,000 German citizens were brought back home in a return campaign with chartered machines in March and April 2020.

+++ 00:06 concern about bottlenecks in blood donations +++
Transfusion specialists warn of shortages in blood products. Blood donations had already decreased at the beginning of the pandemic, reported the German Society for Transfusion Medicine and Immunohematology (DGTI) at its 53rd annual meeting in an online press conference. Many donors stayed away for fear of infection, said DGTI chairman Hermann Eichler. At the same time, some blood products only have a very limited shelf life, sometimes only a few days.

+++ 23:23 After “victory” over Corona: USA loosen strict travel warning for China +++
Despite the White House’s constant criticism of China’s corona policy, the US has relaxed its strict travel warning for the People’s Republic. Conditions in China have improved, said the State Department in Washington. US citizens should still think twice about traveling to China. The previous strict travel warning no longer applies. The easing of US travel advice came a week after China officially announced “victory” over the coronavirus. The novel corona virus first appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of last year. US President Donald Trump regularly accuses the leadership in Beijing of covering up the outbreak and is therefore partly responsible for the devastating global effects of the pandemic.

+++ 22:52 Thanksgiving-Parade in New York abgesagt +++
The traditional New York Thanksgiving Parade will only be online this year. The organizers of the Macy’s department store chain announced that the spectacle should be “rethought” this time. “It won’t be the same parade that we know,” said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. But even with the online version, people would be able to “feel the spirit and joy of this day”. Normally on the holiday of Thanksgiving in November each year, huge helium balloons are carried more than three kilometers through the streets of the metropolis. Around 8,000 dancers, standard-bearers, musicians and people in disguise take part in the parade. More than three million viewers stand at the edge of the route, around 50 million people watch the spectacle that has been taking place on television for more than 90 years. The state and especially the metropolis of New York were a center of the coronavirus pandemic in the spring.

+++ 22:13 Jordan closes schools, mosques and restaurants +++
In the fight against the corona virus, restaurants, mosques, street markets and most schools in Jordan will be closed for two weeks. These “preventive measures” should apply from Thursday and help to avoid a total lockdown, as a government spokesman in Amman said. In the past few days, Jordan had reported more than 200 new infections and several deaths. A total of more than 5300 corona cases are registered in the kingdom. At least 26 people have died related to the virus. Jordan had already imposed strict curfews in March, but these were gradually eased. The number of new cases has almost doubled since mid-August. Most of the students should start teaching online on Thursday. Cafés and restaurants are then only allowed to deliver or prepare food to take away.

+++ 21:34 Emirates release emergency vaccine for helpers +++
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has approved a corona vaccine for restricted emergency use. For the time being, the vaccine will be “available to those who have to do most with Covid-19 patients,” said Health Minister Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al-Owais. They are most at risk of contracting the virus through their work. “The emergency use of the vaccine is fully in line with regulations and laws that allow for a faster review of the approval process,” added the minister. The UAE has been conducting phase III clinical trials for a vaccine from the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm since mid-July. The third phase is the last before the vaccine is approved for manufacture. Al-Owais said the final stages of trials in the UAE showed the vaccine “is safe, effective and has resulted in the formation of antibodies to the virus”.

+++ 20:55 The number of new infections in Germany rises to more than 1200 +++
In the past 24 hours, 1272 new infections with the corona virus have been reported in Germany. This emerges from calculations based on data from the federal states. There have been five deaths compared to the previous day. A total of 9355 people have now died in Germany in connection with Covid-19. The Robert Koch Institute estimates the number of those who have recovered at 233,254. The number of new infections on Monday is usually well above the level of the weekend, as some federal states have started to publish new data only on weekdays. The incoming late registrations can then lead to a strong increase at the beginning of the week compared to the previous days.

+++ 20:46 USA again report hundreds of corona deaths +++
The number of new virus victims in the US every day remains high. According to the CDC, there were 35,549 new infections within 24 hours. This increased their number to a total of 6.503 million. There were also 510 other deaths, the total number adds up to 193,705.

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