Coronavirus in Asturias: The firefighter and ten times champion of the Descent of the Sella Walter Bouzn surpasses COVID-19


“Today I am going to swell that list of people cured in COVID-19Let’s hope that in the next few days that list will continue to grow and that of infections and, above all, that of deaths will be paralyzed “,Walter Bouzán wrote early in the afternoon today in the profile of a well-known social network.

The paddler from Riosellano,from the El Sella Canoeing Club, ten times winner of the Sella International Descent (8 of them consecutive in K-2, along with Álvaro Fernández Fiuza; and another 2 in the K-1 category), who serves in the Asturias Fire Department, if there is no setback,Monday, after being discharged,You could rejoin your professional activity.


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