Coronavirus crisis – The City of Yverdon declares itself ready to face the second wave


The authorities of the capital of Nord-Vaud take stock of the experience this spring and wonder about the holding of future cultural and sporting events.

The HIC research and experimentation laboratory is one of the rare cultural events to have taken place this summer in Yverdon-les-Bains.


While the Municipality of Yverdon invited the press on Wednesday to discuss the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on its activities and projects, the trustee Jean-Daniel Carrard reacted to the strong decisions taken by the Canton the day before to deal with the upsurge in the coronavirus. “We were not surprised by the measures announced, some of which were even expected. What questions more is how it will be for the sporting and cultural events which are not prohibited. ” And to take two concrete examples for the Yverdonnois: the Numerik Games, of which a revised edition and corrected according to the situation is scheduled for November, and the Christmas Market. “Can it take place? and if yes, how? What is certain is that we will have to maintain a permanent dialogue between the Canton and the Communes, hoping that the same course of action will be followed by all. ”

Because even if the population is used to having fewer opportunities for entertainment, the second city of the canton most affected currently by the coronavirus does not intend to deprive it of distraction. “But above all we do not want to set up an event that would allow the virus to spread even more,” resumed the PLR ​​councilor. An opinion obviously shared by his colleague in charge of the dicastery of Culture, the ecologist Carmen Tanner. “This crisis has shown us that the cultural milieu has to reinvent itself. We work there with local institutions – which we also support in their efforts to keep their heads above water – by helping to set up innovative projects such as the game evenings organized by the Maison d ‘Elsewhere on Pestalozzi square during the holidays or the HIC research and experimentation laboratory in the Amalgam courtyard. “

In general, the Municipalité yverdonnoise has also expressed its desire to continue to advance the City’s projects, on the whole not slowed down by the pandemic, and to preserve its economic, social, cultural and sporting fabric as much as possible. The authorities declare themselves “ready to reactivate the continuity and protection plans put in place this spring to deal with a possible second wave”.

From a strictly economic point of view, the impact of the health crisis is currently estimated at 3.8 million francs.

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