Coronavirus can invade brain, study warns


Over the days, the new coronavirus reveals its secrets to doctors. Earlier this week, a French epidemiologist said he had discovered unexpected sequelae of the disease such as lasting loss of taste or fatigue. Yesterday Wednesday 09 September, another discovery concerning the disease was disclosed in a study conducted by the immunologist Akiko Iwasaki from the American University of Yale. According to the results of this research, Covid-19 can take possession of the brain.

The virus enters this main organ of the nervous system and duplicates itself, depriving cells of oxygen. Symptoms of the disease such as confusion, headaches and delusions observed in some patients could therefore be the consequences of an attack on the brain by Covid-19. The results of this research are likely to change the view that doctors have of the disease in this area. Indeed, until then they thought that the repercussions of the disease on the nervous system were due to an abnormal immune response caused by an inflammation of the main organ of this nervous system.

there is enough ACE2 in the brain for the virus to invade it

In addition, it was believed that the coronavirus had little chance of entering the brain because this organ did not have a high content of ACE2, a protein to which the virus clings. Immunologist Akiko Iwasaki’s team of researchers found that there was enough ACE2 in the brain for the virus to invade it.

For now, this research is not yet approved by other doctors. This explains the caution of the head of the department of neurology at the University of California at San Francisco. S. Andrew Josephson however indicated that it was extremely important to “Understand whether or not there is a direct viral involvement in the brain”.

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