Coronavirus: Bill Gates predicts what life will be like after the pandemic


Bill Gates again made predictions about the post-pandemic “new normal.” He referred to office work and travel Credit: Video capture

The founder of Microsoft Bill Gates offered an interesting forecast about life after Covid-19 pandemic. The magnate assured that business trips will be reduced in the middle and what more than a third of office hours will cease to exist.

He said it this Tuesday, during the conference DealBook from the newspaper The New York Times, that was transmitted via YouTube. “My prediction is that more than 50% of business trips and more than 30% of days in the office will disappear “, pointed out the philanthropist.

Bill Gates predictions


Gates explained that it won’t make sense to go on a trip just to discuss a topic “face to face” and that many companies will choose remote work. “We will keep going to the office and doing business trips, but much less, “he said.

On the other hand, during State Summit 2020, the philanthropist said he was concerned about how the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine. As reproduced by the State portal, Gates is revealed by the mystery of distribution, which remains in the hands of the states.

Bill Gates’s concern


I am concerned that vaccine distribution is not reaching the right people“He said. In turn, he ruled out that the army should be involved in logistics.” I wish I understood better what people think that there is a military role here. Not me, and I don’t find it clearly articulated, “he said.

According to Gates, the administration of Donald Trump had several mistakes when fighting the virus. On the one hand, he claimed that there was a failure to diagnose at the onset of the pandemic and then what not working properly with public health specialists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). “I really think the CDC was not allowed to do its job. Right now, things are a bit confusing.”he added.

Gates maintained that the pandemic “is not a world war, but it is close” Credit: Bill Gates

On the other hand, Gates praised the president-elect’s health advisers Joe Biden. “He has appointed a really strong group of people and we have worked with a lot of them. You will listen to science, which is a wonderful thing“.

In relation to strategies on how to stop the advance of Covid-19, the founder of Microsoft opined that the pandemic “is not a world war, but it is close.” In turn, he revealed that in February this year, when it became clear that the disease would leave China and spread throughout the planet, he did not foresee that the United States, with its resources and knowledge, would be so affected. “Of course at that time, we would not have thought that the United States would be the main country to suffer.”, he expressed.



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