Coronavirus: a complicated start to the academic year


For most of the students of this Lyon faculty, it is the first day since confinement. The lecture halls are often well filled, despite the instructions of a distance of one meter between each student. The latter, like the teachers, are obliged to wear the masque throughout their day, knowing that more than 10,000 students pass each other here usually every day. A work-study program is therefore often set up between face-to-face and distance courses. Computers are then provided to the students, which can sometimes be time consuming.

If it is necessary to regularly remind the gestures to adopt, to avoid the spread of the epidemic, the students willingly show their enthusiasm to find a place to study, and the presence of the professors. “It’s been six months that we feel a little abandoned, so finding this university atmosphere of work, it really feels good“, confides a student. The start of the 2020 school year is also marked by an increase in the number of registrations, linked to a record success rate in the baccalaureate last June.

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