Coronation Street’s Kelly Kidnapped Double Cross and Endangered

coronation street Spoiler follows.

Kelly Neelan continues to fight for her life after being betrayed coronation street.

This week’s episode saw Kelly go for revenge after learning that her guardian, Gary Windass, was responsible for killing her father, Rick Neelan.

Kelly offers one of Rick’s former henchmen, Kieron, £10,000 to kill Gary.


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In Wednesday’s episode, Kelly kept her plans hidden from her fiancée Aadi Arahan when booking a one-way flight to Bangkok.

With visions of Rick still haunting her thoughts, Kelly had a breakthrough moment at the engagement party, where Kelly saw how many of her friends showed up to show their love.

But when Gary gave a heartfelt toast about how much he cared for Kelly and how excited he was to see her happy, her thoughts returned to revenge.

An enraged Kelly personally confronted Gary to reveal that he knew all about how he murdered his father, Rick. After Kelly escapes, Gary follows her and finds the hitman Kieron outside her.

Kelly Neelan, Kieron, Gary Windass, Coronation Street


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Kieron knocks Gary out, shoves him into the back of a van, and promises to get the remaining £10,000 if Gary proves dead.

The thug and his partner Al chase Kieron to the same spot where he killed Rick and force Gary to dig his own grave at gunpoint.

Meanwhile, Kelly returns to the party, with Liam and Jake bringing family photos.

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Sly Kieron decides to collect the money and take Kelly out as well, so he leaves Al with Gary to finish the job. With Kieron gone, Gary knocked Al out with a shovel and dashed to save Kelly.

Back at the hotel, Kelly receives a call to meet Kieron outside. Before Gary could reach them, Kieron caught Kelly and shoved him into the back of the van.

Can Kelly’s loved ones save her?

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