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Toya Hubbyb arrested for Imran’s death Coronation Street scene.

Last week, Imran’s business partner Adam Barlow dropped Toyah into it, telling DS Swain that he had heard Toyah vow to “kill” Imran shortly before the crash.

In the Monday episode, Toya was struggling to survive Imran’s funeral because he had to deliver a miserable Eulogy, even though he was in the deadline.


“He was a great partner and a great father for our foster child. If he had more time, he would have been a great father for Alfie,” Toya told the mourner.

At the end of the ceremony, Peter Barlow had to tell Toya the news that he had just been interviewed by police about Adam’s allegations.

Desperate Toya arranged a sit-in with DS Swain. So she admitted that it was true that she said, “If he lied, I would kill him.”

Toya claimed that at the same time Lean was confronting Adam to go to the police, she never hurt Imran. In her anger, Lean slapped Adam by calling Toya a murderer!

Coronation Street, Toya


Returning to the police station, things got worse when DS Swain revealed that her team had recovered the deleted voicemail from Imran. To make matters worse, they knew that Toyah deleted the message after it was first asked.

In this message, Imran asked Toya to forgive him — unknowingly adding more fuel to his future claims to his wife.

When DS Swain announced that he had been arrested on suspicion of murder, Toyah couldn’t believe it. Can Toya convince everyone that Imran never intended to be hurt?

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