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In the U.S., according to data from Johns Hopkins University on Wednesday More than 200,000 infections with the corona virus have been detected been. Especially New York is hit hard. President Donald Trump justifies the highest number of infections worldwide by that the US would test more than any other country (more in the news blog below).

The UN climate conference is postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The conference was supposed to take place in Glasgow in November.

According to Chancellor Angela Merkel a relaxation of the previous public restrictions only become possible when the number of infections only doubled in a period of about 12 to 14 days. Before that she had another ten days spoken.

The federal and state governments decide to tighten existing contact restrictions due to the corona crisis about the end of Easter vacation extend beyond. On Private trips over Easter should be avoided if possible.

Here are the current numbers on the coronavirus pandemic: The Johns Hopkins University reports over 870,000 infected and over 43,000 dead worldwide. A count of the daily level for Germany on Wednesday morning shows almost 72,000 sick people and 775 deaths.

The official figures for Germany come from Robert Koch Institute. Accordingly, there are on Wednesday (as of midnight) 67,366 infected and 732 dead.

Background information about the corona virus:

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