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The focus is on regular quick and self-tests; In the Saxon secondary schools, compulsory testing is provided as soon as the tests are available.

Christin Melcher, spokesperson for education policy for the Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen parliamentary group in the Saxon state parliament, explains: “Regular tests are essential for the safety of all daycare centers and schools under pandemic conditions. We welcome the fact that the Free State is going on the offensive and will build up appropriate test capacities in order to ensure nationwide, regular use. “

“We alliance greens basically stand for a motivating, not a restrictive, approach. The success of the test strategy stands or falls with the acceptance of the population, which is why testing must be as simple and attractive as possible. However, we are aware that even the best corona test strategy only works if it includes everyone involved in daycare and school.

In our opinion, compulsory tests for school staff and pupils from grade 5 are correct – especially because simple and painless or painless smear, gargle or spit tests are used. Since the composition of the groups, classes and colleges in daycare centers and schools is constant, pooled tests should preferably be used, also in order to save material. If the result is positive, individual tests must follow. “

“We take a critical view of the fact that no changes are planned for primary schools or in the after-school care center. Especially where schoolchildren are exempt from compulsory tests and the implementation of the hygiene rules is hardly possible, at least an alternating model should be used to keep the groups small. I cannot understand why the rules for elementary schools and secondary schools are so divergent.

We basically want to put more opportunities in the hands of the schools in order to do justice to infection protection and participation in education. If simple self-tests are available, these should be used by all students, regardless of the grade level. Furthermore, municipal and independent providers of day-care centers should be encouraged to make contractual provisions for educational and other staff in day-care centers with regard to compulsory testing. “

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“The question that remains unchanged is whether opening steps are linked to fixed dates or to incidence figures. If, as in the Vogtlandkreis, hairdressers are allowed to open on the same day that daycare centers and primary schools have to close again, that is absurd. And this absurdity is not banal – it costs trust. It must be the common interest of the state government to avoid such divergences in the future. “


The health policy spokeswoman for the alliance green parliamentary group Kathleen Kuhfuß dealt extensively with the subject of test strategy. You can read your contribution here:

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