Corona research: protein could play a crucial role in Covid-19 prevention

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Corona research is in full swing. Now a German-British science team has identified a protein that could play a crucial role in the fight against Covid-19.

  • Currently is intensively on Coronavirus* researched.
  • Now German-British scientists have been able to use protein to make targeted predictions about the course of the disease.
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Frankfurt – Medical research is in a state of emergency. Hardly any other topic is currently being worked on as intensively as the new one Coronavirus. When is there a vaccine *? How can Covid-19 to be recognized or stopped earlier? Now there is new evidence of a Proteinthat can at least predict a severe course of the disease. It would be a breakthrough.

Corona research: what role does protein transferrin play in covid-19 prevention?

A German-British research team may have an early indicator of a serious one Covid 19 course turned off. Scientist of the Goethe University and the University hospital Frankfurt as well as the British University of Kent deal with the Iron transport protein Transferrin.

The researchers examined data from human tissue and compared it with that of corona-infected cultured cells. The focus of the scientific team was on certain molecules that are involved in blood coagulation, since serious illnesses often become noticeable with changes in this area. In addition, the selected molecules showed certain differences in age and gender. Because according to the current state of research, older people are significantly more likely to have one Sars-Cov-2-Infektion affected than younger ones. There is also evidence that men are generally more vulnerable than women.

Corona research: protein transferrin as a putative early indicator of the disease

When analyzing a total of 200 tissue data, the researchers came across the protein Transferrin, which is mainly responsible for iron transport in the bloodstream and boosts blood clotting. It was striking that Transferrin at Crown-Patienten is obviously upregulated, its concentration differs depending on the course and could therefore give conclusions about the virus spread. The Goethe University writes on her website: “Therefore, Transferrin to be an early indicator of Covid-19 patientswho are at risk of developing a serious illness ”- a presumed milestone in research.

It turns out Transferrin it would actually have massive advantages. Potentially severely infected people could thus be cared for more specifically and, above all, more quickly. According to the current state of research, the severity of the course of the disease is often not immediately apparent, sometimes the symptoms worsen quite quickly. It is also unclear why Corona some people have a mild course, while others have to struggle with the lung disease for weeks – even though they are free of the pre-existing diseases * that have been identified as a hazard. With the use of Transferrin could be counteracted.

Corona research: Munich study supports transferrin thesis with similar results

The results of the German-British research team are still under discussion. A final conclusion about the actual evidence is not yet possible, but other studies at least suggest that Transferrin as Corona-Indicator is viable. Researchers Munich had a few weeks ago Biomarker discovered that could predict the course of the disease. In a pilot study, they were able to show that the messenger substance interleukin-6 is increased in infected people with a severe course of the disease. The current results are now hitting a similar notch. (as) * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

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