Corona may have no solution at all


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With millions around the world awaiting a solution to end the pandemic that affected more than 18 million people, by adopting a vaccine to defeat the emerging virus, the World Health Organization released a shocking statement Monday.

The UN, which previously faced several international criticisms for its handling of this global health crisis, pointed out that there may be no solution to the pandemic at all.

There is no magic solution

“There is no magic solution at the moment, and it may never exist,” Tidros Adhanum Gebresos, the organization’s director-general said in an online press briefing from the organization’s headquarters in Geneva.

With Mike Ryan, the WHO’s chief emergency expert, he urged all countries to strictly enforce health measures such as masks, social spacing, hand-washing and checks.

The muzzle symbol!

“The message for people and governments is clear … stick to all measures,” Tedros said. He added that the masks should become a symbol of solidarity around the world.

As for vaccines, he explained that “there are a number of vaccines in the third stage of clinical trials now, hoping that there will be a number of effective vaccines that can protect people from infection.”

Pollen concerns

Moreover, he reiterated that the Coruna virus is the largest global health emergency since the early twentieth century, considering that at the same time the global search for a vaccine is also historic. “There are many vaccines under trial and a number of them are in the final stage of clinical trials … and there is hope. This does not mean that it will be
We have a vaccine, but the speed at which we have reached the level we have reached now is at least unprecedented. “

Corona vaccine
Corona vaccine

He added, “There are fears that there will not be a vaccine that can work or perhaps protect for a few months, no more. But we will not know until we have finished the clinical trials.”

A few days ago, the United Nations warned that Corona would be “long-term”, noting that the global level of HIV risk is very high.

It also called for a national, regional and international response to confront the epidemic, which has been likely to last for decades.

In addition, she considered that “most of the world’s population can be affected by the pandemic, even those who do not live in highly affected areas.

It is noteworthy that the organization was subjected during the past several months to criticism for its delay in declaring a state of emergency globally, after monitoring the emerging virus for the first time at the end of December in China. The United States accused the organization of being a “puppet” in Beijing’s hands and officially began withdrawing from it in July.

It also called on European and Australian countries to conduct an investigation or reassessment of the organization’s behavior in the epidemic file.


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