Corona in Belgium | Pressure on care continues to decrease

A guide through the daily Covid-19 stats.

Over the past week, an average of 1,066 infections were detected daily. That is an increase of 84 percent compared to a week earlier. The long decline that started in May has been reversed since the start of the summer holidays. Due to the holiday period, there is a lot of testing: more than 60,000 times a day.

The percentage of positive tests rises slightly to 1.9 percent, still comfortably well below the limit of maximum 5 percent marked by the World Health Organization. It’s been last summer since such a low percentage of positive tests.

The low positivity ratio suggests that the virus is circulating less vigorously in society. The same picture appears for the pressure on healthcare. Over the past week, an average of 17 people have been hospitalized with Covid-19 every day. That is still a low figure and a small decrease of 4 percent on a weekly basis.

According to the latest figures, 241 people are still in hospital with Covid-19, a decrease of 6 percent on a weekly basis. The number of patients in intensive care falls to 82 (-17%).

The death rate is also on the way back. On average, there are 2 deaths every day. 25,200 people have died in our country from the consequences of the corona virus.

Syringe towards freedom

The effect of the vaccination campaign is visible in the statistics. From mid-February a clear decrease in the number of deaths among the elderly is visible.

Test, test, test

Where and with whom does the virus circulate?

The provinces of Antwerp, East Flanders and the Brussels Region have the most new infections. And in recent weeks we have seen a sharp increase in the number of infections among under-18s, who are now tested much more often. The infections in people over 80 are decreasing, which may have to do with the vaccinations in that group.

Pressure on care is decreasing

25,000 victims

During the past seven days, an average of 2 people died from the disease every day. That brings the death toll since the start of the pandemic at 25.205. Overall, we find that Covid-19 is more deadly for old people. More than half of those who died since March last year are 85 or older.

Not all deaths end up in the corona statistics. Excess mortality is a more correct indicator to know the real impact of the coronavirus in Belgium and to be able to compare it with that in other countries. That is the number of extra deaths compared to the average of previous years.

During the first week of April 2020, at the height of the first wave, more than twice as many people died as in previous years. The heaviest toll is on the over-85s, the age group where more people have died since the spring than in other years. In the group up to 24 years of age, fewer people died almost consistently in 2020 than expected, partly because there are fewer traffic accidents.

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