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Ten scholarship holders from the Haan Music School show their great potential in an audition.

By Susanne Schaper
Haan – You didn’t notice the excitement of the young musicians who gave a taste of their musical skills one after the other last Friday in the auditorium of the Mittelhaan community primary school in front of parents, teachers, classmates and numerous other guests. “There are a few old hands, but there has also been a generation change among the music students,” explains Katharina Stashik, deputy music school director.
One of the last auditions was probably the pre-selection for the scholarship program. Gifted students could apply for a scholarship financed by sponsors in an audition before an independent jury. All of the young musicians who are now playing and singing had already convinced the jury in advance and are already receiving a grant. The scholarships in the amount of 7500 euros for the current school year are financed entirely by the foundation “Haaner Jugendförderung” of the couple Karin and Gerhard Schmitz.
“The scholarships are graded according to the age and level of the students. This can be an extension of the lesson, a second instrument, lessons in harmony and ear training or additional lessons with another teacher,” explained Katharina Stashik in an interview with the Haaner Treff. A total of 18 scholarship holders will be funded this year. The duties of the young musicians include special auditions and participation in ensembles at the music school. “In this way they get stage experience and can practice speaking,” explains Katharina Stashik.
The exceptional young talents were not only able to convince the jury in advance, the audience in the auditorium of the Mittelhaan primary school was also impressed by the musical performances on the various instruments. Minor mistakes, which certainly did occur, were charmingly covered over by the respective musicians and the listeners took good note of them. After all, the performers were children and young adults and not professionals and composers and their works were demanding.
The spectrum ranged from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Dieter Kreidler and Edward Grieg to Francesco Maria Veracini, Francesco Mancini and Alain Crepin to Friedrich Herweg, Philip Sparke, Kevin Houben, Joni Mitchell and Prince.
The Schmitz couple, who have been supporting scholarship holders with their foundation for eight years, were also enthusiastic about the presentation of the current year. “I think it’s great what the children and young people are doing. There’s a lot of work and diligence behind it,” said Karin Schmitz appreciatively in an interview with the Haaner Treff.

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Former scholarship holders turn their hobby into a job

Incidentally, the Haan Music School is still in contact with some of the former scholarship holders and follows their careers. “We know from six former scholarship holders that they passed the entrance exam to the music college,” reports Katharina Stashik. “Pascal Günther is now studying audio and video, for example, and also supports us in this way at events. And our former FSJ student, Can Haque, who was also in the scholarship program for many years, is studying rock-pop-jazz singing.”

scholarship holders

The following performed on Friday: Arthur Haller (guitar), Anouk Helluy (guitar, recorder), Rafael Rüttger (guitar), Charlotte Barlage (piano), Zoé Helluy (recorder), Lousia Fobbe (piano), Merlin Mendel (saxophone) , Paul Kerkhoffs (saxophone), Emilia Zambon (vocals) and Annika Marx (vocals)

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