Containment: aid for nurseries and MAM are extended


While France is in the middle of the second wave ofCovid-19 epidemic and is again confined, the nurseries and the houses ofchildminders (MAM) can benefit from aid in the event of a change in their functioning. The board of directors of the National Family Allowances Fund (Cnaf) has indeed decided to expand the financial support system, and to extend it until December 31, 2020.

Assistance for unoccupied places

Currently, some places in nurseries or MAMs may be unoccupied for several reasons, and this represents a shortfall for establishments. This is why the Cnaf decided to allow them to obtain exceptional assistance if a child is absent because“at least one of the parents is in contact or deprived of activity due to measures taken by the government (self-employed workers or employees placed in partial activity)”, she explains in a communicated.

Exceptional assistance for absent staff or closed establishments

“The reason” vulnerable people “among the reasons for the absence of personnel [est] accepted in case of partial or total closure by the manager “, explains the Cnaf. Thus, if the establishment must reduce its reception capacity or completely close its doors if all its employees are contaminated by Covid-19, at risk, or placed on short-time work, it can apply for exceptional assistance. This is retroactive to September 1, 2020. If nurseries or MAMs have experienced this situation since that date, they can benefit from the help of the Cnaf.

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