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The Delta variant coronavirus is now keeping the whole world in check. The most dramatic news comes from Southeast Asia, with Indonesia a new global outbreak with over a thousand deaths every day. Infections on the rise almost everywhere, with the exception of the United Kingdom which, after the peak of the last few weeks and the total reopenings desired by Boris Johnson last July 19, has seen a decline in infections for days.

And now, more bad news comes from United States. In fact, it is learned that the White House intends to maintain, for the moment, the travel restrictions in force following the increase in coronavirus infections due to the Delta variant. Joe Biden’s administration would in fact be under pressure from foreign governments, as well as airlines and some members of Congress, who would like to ease the restrictions on foreigners’ entry into the country.

For now, however, these pressures do not seem to have had an effect: the White House he has in fact repeatedly reiterated that a relaxation will be decided only on the basis of epidemiological data, which at the moment are anything but positive. Reason why, Joe Biden goes straight on his way and maintains air traffic restrictions.

Yesterday, Sunday 25 July, 14 thousand infections were recorded in the US. On July 23, the infections they had been over 82 thousand (also in the USA, during the weekend, there is a considerable decrease in infections due to the lower number of tests performed during the weekends).

Finally, a figure relating to the situation in Italy: after weeks of decline followed by stability, for the first time it shows a 1% increase, nationwide, the percentage of hospital beds occupied by Covid patients. In fact, it reaches 3%, a very low level compared to the peaks of the past months but which reflects the increase in infections in recent days. These are the figures shown by the monitoring of the National Agency for Regional Health Services, updated on 25 July.

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