consumers face rising commodity prices

Published on : 19/07/2021 – 23:07

For several weeks, Ivorian consumers have complained about the rise in the prices of basic products in the country. In the markets, foodstuffs experience an increase in their value. This is one of the consequences of the health crisis which has hit the country’s economy hard. Since the beginning of the month, this price increase has been at the center of consumer discussions, to the point of pushing the government to react.

With our correspondent in Abidjan, Sidy Yansané

While shopping in the Riviera district of Cocody, Aimée is surprised to see that the price of carrots has almost doubled. A new increase that she had already observed on several food products:

« Everything has increased. The package is at 2,500 FCFA before, it was at 1 000-1 500 FCFA, she exclaims. No really, it has increased a lot ».

The shopkeeper who sells her vegetables made the same remark to her supplier. ” For example green beans, last week we bought 700 FCFA per kilo and today we sell 2,500 per kilo, she explains. We do not understand, the prices have increased. Today, really, it has grown a lot ».

The problem prompted the Prime Minister to visit the stalls of the large Adjamé market at the beginning of the month. Patrick Achi explains this inflation by the Covid-19 pandemic and by the major power cuts in June which slowed down economic activity. But he also denounces those who abuse this situation.

Its Minister of Trade and Industry Souleymane Diarrassouba assures us that the government ensures the regulation of prices. ” We have put in place procedures so that we do not want to hamper the market, but consumer protection is not negotiable. We have the legal instruments to do so that allow us to act to face the challenge of the consumerist movement ».

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Despite everything, civil society organizations are calling this Wednesday, July 21 to demonstrate until the prime minister against the high cost of living.


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