Construction of the Animal Welfare Center will begin this semester

A three-level building with a shelter, operating rooms, laboratory, training room and basement for parking, is part of the infrastructure that the Cali Animal Welfare Center will have, one of the mobilizing projects of the Ospina government that is beginning to materialize.

On Tuesday (03/02/2021) the work contract award hearing was held, which lasted until Wednesday, March 3. That day the work was awarded to a consortium called Animal Welfare.

The Center will have an investment of close to $ 14,000 million, of which $ 12,000 will go to construction and auditing, while $ 2,000 million will be for equipment endowment.

“From now on we enter the contract legalization phase. We are going to do all the pre-construction stage and some revisions to the designs, permits and licenses. We hope that in the first semester of 2021, as we have constantly announced, construction will begin ”, said Liliana Sierra, adviser on Animal Welfare at the Mayor’s Office of Cali.

The official explained that the construction is divided into three levels (to see photos): the first is a basement and the other two have shelter sites for different species such as canines, felines, bovines, horses, pigs and birds, a training room, laboratories, operating rooms and everything necessary to provide comprehensive care to the species domestic.

“This Welfare Center is extremely important because attention will be paid to all domestic animals that are in conditions of neglect, cruelty and mistreatment. In addition, it is the first large infrastructure work that the city is going to have this year and that will generate around 600 direct and indirect jobs. It is a mobilizing project that will mark the economy of our city ”, highlighted Liliana Sierra.

The mayor’s advisor Jorge Iván Ospina recalled that Cali is currently experiencing a complex situation with its animal population, since cases of abuse and cruelty are recurrent and there is not a space, nor enough officials to attend to all these sentient beings. “When we are faced with a case that requires the rescue of an animal, we do not have a place to do it. We hope that the Animal Welfare Center will solve all these problems ”, concluded the expert.

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Publication date 03/04/2021

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