conquers Kendall Jenner, sells out tickets and gets serious at one of her concerts

Rosalía has traveled to the United States to bring her third album, Motomami, to the international public. This has been demonstrated by both the singer and her followers these days on social networks, where they have been able to see videos, photographs and comments about her time in New York, a city in which has sold out tickets of his two concerts.

The 29-year-old Catalan artist won the affection of the public and specialized critics after getting on stage at the historic Radio City Music Hall. His album draws from his experience working in the US in a context of pandemic and uncertainty. The bad want, his second album, had been a success. The line of her work had to be the same or better.

While there he focused on creating a product that is conceptual, genuine, autobiographical and reflective of status and fame. The fact that she spent more time than expected outside of Spain distanced her from her family -present of her in Motomami- and your comfort zone. He could not miss including in the tour a country that has given him so much, For better and for worse.

Rosalía completed the capacity for her dates in the US capital, about to make her way to the cities of Toronto, Washington DC, San Diego or San Francisco, among others. Clips of her latest shows can be seen on the Internet. The resounding success was proven in the shouts of the public and in the involvement of the artist and her dance team.

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However, in his first performance there was a small mishap that interrupted the emotion for a few seconds: a bug in the sound of the show caused the melody to stop being heard Badly. As can be seen in a video published by The vanguard, the singer approached the sound table, visibly serious, to ask for a solution.

Fortunately, everything was in a small scare and the concert was able to continue normally. She herself celebrated it on her social networks, in which she received the support of celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, who published a photograph of her friend -both have coincided on several occasions-. “Rosalia in the city,” he summarized.

The singer also had time to participate in a Vogue show, a dance style that derives from the house dance genre and that was born from the African-American LGTB community of Harlem in the 60s.

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