Congresswoman Norma Yarrow asks the Education Commission to summon Minister Rosendo Serna

Congresswoman Norma Yarrow (Avanza País) asked the Education, Youth and Sports Commission to urgently summon the minister of the sector, Rosendo Serna Román, in order to explain why her office decided to reduce the vacancies of Beca 18 from five thousand to 1,194 seats for next year.

In this sense, the parliamentarian pointed out that she received the complaint from the representatives of the Single Front of Applicants of Pronabec (FUPP) in which the budget cut for this purpose is noted.

“In response to the document of the reference, expose the problem of the representatives of the United Front of Pronabec Applicants (FUPP), who point out the reduction of the budget of the Beca 18 program in more than S / 76 million soles, for the year 2023 , harming approximately 400,000 young people”, reports the trade.

Therefore, “I urgently request to invite Mr. Rosendo Leoncio Serna Román, Minister of Education, in order to explain the grounds by which his sector, through the National Program of Scholarships and Educational Credit – PRONABEC, will reduce the Beca 18 vacancies from 5,000 to 1,194 for next year”.

Yarrow Lumbreras remarks that this decision of the Executive Power, “would affect young people with high academic performance and low economic resources or in a situation of vulnerability throughout the country.”

Lima, September 22, 2022


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