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He Full Congress yesterday approved the rules of the game that will be in effect for the 2021 general elections, including the internal democracy system through the delegates or party leaderships.

According to the approved text, the parties that participate in the next contest will have the option to choose between the system of delegates or cupolas, or the mechanism of an affiliate, a vote, for the development of their internal elections where they will define the names of their candidates.

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Until yesterday, Mirtha Vásquez, from Wide Front, insisted on regulating only the system of one member, one vote, “because it is more democratic.” Gino Costa also pointed out that Purple Party I would have preferred only this mechanism. María Retamozo stated that the Frepap I would support this proposal if consensus was reached.

However, in the plenary session yesterday, the groups of Popular Action, Alliance for Progress, and other leaders maintained their position in favor of the system of delegates or cupolas. Popular Force, We can Peru, Union for Peru (UPP) and We are Peru.

Backtrack attempt

On the contrary, yesterday in the Plenary the proposal grew from some benches to mutilate the participation of the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) of acts of internal democracy.

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Such request was formulated by legislators José Vega Antonio (UPP), Carlos Almerí (Podemos Peru) and Rennán Espinoza (Somos Perú).

At the time of the vote, these three benches opted for abstention, making clear their opposition to the participation of electoral bodies. Popular Force is also against the intervention of the ONPE. The members of this group voted in abstention, when the exoneration of the second ballot was decided.

In fact, the approved text contemplates that the ONPE will be in charge of regulating the procedures of democracy internal. Likewise, the delegates will have to be chosen by universal voting of the militants, unlike the past elections.

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The other rules

The text approved yesterday also establishes that the candidates for the presidency or the Congress who are not currently active in a party can join one until September 30.

Likewise, political organizations that do not yet have legal registration must complete this maximum procedure until September 30. If they fail to do so, they will not be able to participate in the electoral contest. In this way, Congress backed down in its attempt to close the field in terms of participants for the 2021 contest.

One aspect that generates controversy has to do with resumes. And it is that the candidates would no longer have to enter the information about their properties as a sworn statement, but the National Elections Jury (ETC.) would have to extract such information from Sunarp. This has been questioned by the JNE.

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Elections 2021 – game rules:

1. Internal democracy. Parties will decide whether to opt for the delegate system (cupolas) or an affiliate, one vote.

2. Organization: ONPE and ETC. participate on a mandatory basis.

3. The unaffiliated. They have until September 30 to join a party.

4. New matches. They have until September 30 to formalize their registration.

5. Overdue leadership. Parties with expired leaderships must update them until October 31.

6. Resumes. The JNE will have intervention extracting information from the candidates from the Sunarp.

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Exceptions for the pandemic

According to the autograph approved yesterday, on the day of the electoral act the polling stations will be open until 7 pm, this in order to avoid crowds.

On the other hand, people in risk groups due to Covid-19 They will be exempt from paying fines.

Finally, the ONPE may set other more open voting locations, in order to avoid any risk of contagion.

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