Congo, the president declares a state of siege in 2 provinces – Ultima Ora

(ANSA-AFP) – KINSHASA, 01 MAY – The president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Félix Tshisekedi, declared a “state of siege” in two provinces in the east of the country, victims of violence by armed groups.

“Given the gravity of the situation, the president informed the Council of Ministers of his decision to proclaim, pursuant to Article 85 of the Constitution, a state of siege in the northern provinces of North Kivu and Ituri,” he said yesterday. government spokesman Patrick Muyaya evening. Article 85 provides that the president proclaims a “state of emergency or a state of siege when serious circumstances immediately threaten the independence or integrity of the national territory, or when they cause the regular functioning of the institutions to be interrupted” .

President Tshisekedi warned Thursday that he was preparing “radical measures” in the face of insecurity in the east of the country. On Tuesday in Paris he asked French President Emmanuel Macron for help from France to “eradicate” the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) in the Beni region (North Kivu), an armed group “of Islamist tendency, with an Islamist dialectic and Islamist methods According to him, on Monday his new prime minister Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde had already evoked “a state of emergency” in the East, “with in particular the replacement of the civilian administration with the military one”.




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