Concerts today 14 January: Massimo Ranieri and … | Timetables and tickets

All the musical events and concerts scheduled for today 14 January 2022: from Massimo Ranieri to Enrico Nigiotti here is where the various artists will be.

Massimo Ranieri (Getty images)

Many and all very interesting i concerts and musical events scheduled for today, Friday 14 January 2022: let’s find out together who are the artists who will perform tonight and in which Italian city it will be possible to attend their concert. Let’s start immediately with one of the greatest local artists: Massimo Ranieri. The voice of Losing love will continue his new tour stopping today at Assisi, province of Perugia to perform at 9 pm at the Lyrick Theater.

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The Solis String Quartet will instead be staged at the Trianon Theater in Naples while the James Taylor Quartet will perform at the Blue Note in Milan for a double show at 8.30 pm and 11 pm. The legendary Peppe Servillo will enchant with his voice the Trianon Theater of Naples, while The Three will be at the Hall in Padua. Space also a Criminal class staged at Santeria Toscana 31 in Milan; to Laila Al Habash which will be at the Circolo della Musica in Rivoli (Turin) and then to I’m not blonde, which will finally perform at the Germi – Place of contamination in Milan.

Concerts today 14 January: Enrico Nigiotti will be in Rome

concerts 14 January
Enrico Nigiotti (Instagram)

The tour of the former Amici and X Factor star also continues Enrico Nigiotti, tour that should have taken place two years ago but that was it postponed due to the health emergency. Fortunately, the singer returns again to perform live for his fans: tonight it will be at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, in the Sala Sinopoli. Now let’s move on to disco music: dj Mitch B will perform tonight in Arezzo, often the Grace Club while Tighter will be at the Circolo della Musica in Rivoli, Turin.

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We conclude with the latest artists on stage tonight. Bull Brigade he will perform at Santeria Toscana 31 in Milan; Danilo Ruggero it will instead be at the Wishlist Club in Rome at 9 pm Hood will sing at the Monk Club, also in the capital. DiscoMostro will play at Santeria Toscana 31 in Milan, as well as Always Worse, while Anthony Sasso will be at the Covo Club in Bologna. The last row will go ins dinner at the Wishlist Club in Rome while the Midtown Hammond Trio at the Charity Cafè starting at 10pm. To conclude, we also recommend the concert of the Rocket Band al Quid (Rome) and that of Splide Pistons at the Spirit de Milan in Milan.

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