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October 08, 2022, 5 p.m

Holy Spirit Church in Dresden

Autumn concert of the senior choir

Tyberg | Haydn | u.a.


Laura Wedge | soprano
Nanora Büttiker | Alt
Yonah Raupers | Tenor
Clemens Weichard | Bass

Frederick Sacher | organ

Senior Choir of the Dresden Singing Academy
Robert Schad |

Marcel TybergMass No. 2 in F major
Michael HaydnThis place
Works by CG Reißiger and JG Rheinberger

In addition to the well-known greats of music, there is an indefinable number of composers whose work is extensive, but who have disappeared from our consciousness due to (un)forgotten events in history. There are many reasons for this: Michael Haydn, for example, has always been overshadowed by his famous brother Joseph, and the same applies to his music. The gradual »Locus iste« is known to us today almost exclusively from the setting by Anton Bruckner in Upper Austria. However, Michael Haydn worked in the same place a few years earlier. It is obvious that the later great symphonist Bruckner was familiar with his motet.

Marcel Tyberg’s musical work, on the other hand, was even considered completely lost until the 2010s. His biography is tragically related to the “doctrines” of National Socialism, which made him an enemy because of his Jewish origins and finally ended his life in Auschwitz. His Mass in F major was rediscovered in 2016 and recorded on CD. With the concert of the senior choir, she experienced one of the first performances in Central Germany.

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Holy Spirit Church in Dresden
Sebastian-Bach-Str. 13
01277 Dresden


Tickets for €10.00 (plus advance booking fee) are available in advance at all known advance booking offices, online via Reservix via Print@Home or at the box office. Free seats.

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