Concerts-KrèM Grabuge-Madame Bert

Double concert at Les Zythonautes! With Krèm Grabuge and Madame Bert!

Double concert at Les Zythonautes!!

In the first part of the evening: KrèM Grabuge.
“KrèM for the sweet and the island.
Mayhem for disorder a bit venerable.
We’re approaching, DREAM station.”
KrèM Grabuge wanders between and around the squares and likes it. Between Chanson, Trip-Hop, Rock, Electro, Ethnic…
Let’s say it mixes all that up a bit without really choosing, just to put some color in it.
There are voices, that’s for sure, melodies that transport you far away, into science fiction stories or deep in the cellars, in the middle of the night when the world sleeps and the insomniac hackers stay up.
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Second part of the evening: Madame Bert.
“Madame Bert, alias MadBert, started her musical career during an open mic, on a qui pro quo which earned her her nickname.
Representing Valence Angeles and all of Calidrômie, essential and independent local artist, spectacular talker, host of open stages and radio shows, graffiti artist, beatmaker, Bert is a passionate cultural activist who has been moving the scene for more than ten years.
Pure condensed positive and communicative energies, he draws today a unique style between rap and electro, song and bass music.”
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Admission at Free and Conscious Price!

And always :
To drink: A large selection of beers, cider and lemonade, all made and brewed on site (by our little muscular arms), but also super good (and organic!) syrups and juices.
To eat: Veggie spread (made by Zythos), sausage, cheese and bread!!! without forgetting our seasonal boards!

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