concerts, ‘foguerons’ and parties in Palma

Palma will host the night of January 19 a Revetla de Sant Sebastià alternative to the one organized by the town hall of Palma with free concerts, ‘foguerons’ and ‘underground’ music.

Feel the Beast recover the spirit Sant Canute on the occasion of the patron saint festivities of Palma, which in 2017 stopped being celebrated. Actually, they came back in 2019 with another name and the same idea: offer alternative rock and punk concerts to the Revetla program.

So, the fourth edition of Sent sa Bèstia, self-managed festivities with the collaboration of associations and citizen entities, will be held in five plazas in Palma: Nova Ferreria, Raimundo Clar, Quadrado, Pes de sa Palla and Baluard des Príncep.

Total, almost 120 artists will participatea large part of them local, in addition to even 15 associations and groups. The program includes 32 cultural proposals to enjoy Revetla in a different way.

Raymond Clar Square

In the Raimundo Clar square there will be reggae music and pachanga all night. As he explained at a press conference David Peralta, coordinator of Nou Circo Socialthe entity that organizes the party in this enclave, there will be a small snack with various clown shows at 7:00 p.m., after the welcome speech.

There will also be a projection with photographs of the last solidarity trip of the members of the association to the Cuban province of Villa Clara, the city of Che Guevara, around 8:30 p.m., accompanied by the ‘foguerons’ and torradas.

Regarding music, there will be performances by Randy the Fiesta Calabera, Calee Areas Quartet, La Sekta and finally La Barraca.

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plaza square

The Ateneo Popular Electric center organizes at 6:00 p.m. the lighting of the ‘bonfire’ in Plaza Quadrado. There will also be a burning of ‘ninots’ in the style of the Valencian fallas, in which citizens will be able to burn their own cardboard or paper figures.

In addition, there will be musical performances throughout the day, organized by the Lever association. From 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., approximately, there will be a ‘jam session’. Later, they will play The Caravan, Merkasur, Danio, Give me smoke, Fio Cannata and there will also be performances by Circus of the Sun. The night will end with him techno by Joyful Sound.

Lever’s Member Ernest Levi has explained that it is a very varied set, “composed of female, male, Latin American and European artists, although they are mainly from Mallorca”. The evening will start with progressive rock, punk, and will continue with a DJ with a ‘performance’. Finally, two other DJs will play ‘reggae’ music mixed with electronics.

The person in charge has detailed that in addition to music, in Plaza Quadrado there will be activities from different disciplines, such as circus shows or an exhibition of sculptures made of cloth.

Pes de sa Palla square

The party in the Pes de sa Palla square will focus on electronic music and will begin at 7:00 p.m. Organized by Fukushima and Teipa, they will perform DJ Loiro, Bocabeats, Enjoy&Division, Romo+Un Southnormal and Nicolson.

“We will start with disco punk, going through ‘house’ of different styles, and we will end with techno”explained the organizer Marcos Novoawho has stressed that all the artists are from Mallorca.

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Baluard des Príncep

The project At the foot of the street has organized the performances at the Baluard des Príncep. will be listened to Indaplómstah, Niako, Undercore, ViCE, Rastafairy, BoB and La Debs.

“Broken rhythms, fast and underground electronic music different from what we are used to hearing”, assured the coordinator Tomas Payeras. In addition, the ‘sound system’, that is, the sound equipment, will be handmade and assembled by the organizers themselves, following the line of self-management of the Feel the Beast.

Plaza Nova Ferreria

Finally, in the Plaza de Nova Ferreria punk bands and similar genres will be heard, organized by the last trench. The party will start around 6:20 p.m. Bomba X. they will follow Glass, The Cage, Fornaris, La Flor Romanial, Seis Dientesand a Majorcan punk classic: Scythe. they will end the night Kotna, Arruix and Crüa.

The coordinator of the party in this square, Daniel RomanOf the entity The Taste of the Earthhas explained that there will be artists from Ibiza, Menorca, Mallorca and even Donosti.

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