Concerts and sidewalk magic: the surprise for the elderly in day care centers

A musical performance in front of the windows of the “Immaculate of Lourdes” retirement home, with the operators – well protected by masks – in the courtyard to improvise a dance with some pensioners. In recent days, the Christmas period was celebrated in this way in the “Immaculate of Lourdes” structure of Unicoop, on the Facsal, thanks to the “Remember us” project which – confirming the golden heart of the Piacentines – continues to trigger a splendid chain of affection in favor of elderly and disabled guests of the diurnal centers or of the residences of the cooperative. Anyone can come forward with an email to [email protected], to break down the “barrier” that Covid has raised between the care facilities and the outside world, through tickets, letters, photos, video calls or even concerts.

Among the many realities that joined, there was precisely the “Piacenza Jazz Club” led by Gianni Azzali. Piacenza Calcio also visited the Facsal facility. The fifth class A of the “Giordani” elementary school, on the other hand, sang the traditional song “Jingle bells” in front of the door of the nursing home, while the students of the “Gioia” high school recorded and sent a video greeting to the guests of the Besurica day center. On the initiative of the associations “Fiva”, “Terziario donna” and “Mercanti di Qualità”, the wizard willy entertained the children of the residence for the disabled in via Scalabrini, who looked out of the windows to admire the conjuring tricks staged from the sidewalk.

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