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Alexander Rosenbaum’s concert

On September 18 at 19:00 a concert by Alexander Rosenbaum will take place at the Governor’s Palace.

A strong baritone, courageous appearance, a constant guitar in his hands – this artist needs nothing more to fill the halls in any city in Russia and even other countries.

Honored and truly People’s Artist of Russia Alexander Rosenbaum will soon perform his timeless and beloved songs to the residents of Ulyanovsk. Alexander Rosenbaum is one of those rare artists who know how to hold the audience’s attention throughout the entire performance. In one breath, the audience listens to his live songs for two hours and demands an encore again! His voice captivates with its melody and at the same time permeates with vital energy. His songs make you think about the eternal, they remind you of the transience of time. Alexander Rosenbaum sings songs that awaken love and kindness in people’s souls, so you want to go to his concerts again and again… Each of the admirers of Alexander Yakovlevich’s work finds his own songs in his repertoire, but among them there are also those that, undoubtedly, have become popular .

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