Concert: “Ghost Trio” in the Libnov mansion

At the end of the current season of the chamber music series, the organizers want to set a few more highlights.


The 2021/22 season of the Libnov Chamber Music Concerts is coming to an end. At the end there is another musical highlight and an additional concert on top of that.

On Saturday, June 25th, Ulrike Eschenburg (violin/Berlin State Orchestra), Prof. Hans-Jakob Eschenburg (cello/Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra) and Yuki Inagawa (piano) will come to Libnow to perform works by Beethoven and Shostakovich in the Herrenhaus to play.

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Additional concert with tango

According to the organizers, Ludwig van Beethoven’s “ghost trio” belongs in the repertoire of every self-respecting chamber music trio. The Piano Trio in E minor by Dimitri Shostakovich is one of the most outstanding chamber music works of the 20th century.

At the additional concert mentioned on July 2nd, the duo “Conexus” will be guests in Libnow, where they already performed successfully a few years ago. The two musicians Tabea Höfer (violin) and Marek Stawniak (accordion) have recorded, among other things, a CD with tangos and tango-oriented music. Both concerts start at 4 p.m. Coffee and cake will be available as usual from 3 p.m.

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