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The Konzertchor Harmonie Zürich is an ambitious choir with around 100 active singers. The choir’s repertoire includes works from the classical, romantic and modern eras as well as contemporary literature. Under the direction of conductor Peter Kennel, the choir repeatedly ventures into new territory, presenting Swiss premieres or making new compositions sound for the first time.

Since it was founded in 1841, the Harmonie Concert Choir has been an important part of Zurich’s choral scene. The association can look back on an eventful history that is closely linked to the construction of the Zurich Tonhalle and the founding of the Tonhalle Society. In addition to concerts in the Tonhalle together with the renowned Tonhalle Orchestra and first-class soloists, the choir also performs a cappella programs in churches in the city and region of Zurich.

The members of the Harmonie concert choir are music-loving, experienced amateur singers who want to help shape the rich cultural life of the city of Zurich. In addition to regular rehearsals, members can continue their musical education with singing lessons and singing in small groups. Both the members and the choir as a whole benefit from the vocal expertise and experience of the musical director Peter Kennel.

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