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Autumn is here and here. The Antipode team has bent over backwards to console you with a month of quite fabulous November concerts. Second stage full of emotions on Thursday November 10 with the lively post-rock of the London collective caroline and the delicate musical explorations of the Californian harpist Mary Lattimore.

After the invigorating evening of sunday 6 with The beat et The Notwist in great shape and before the equally electrifying evening of mardi 15l’Antipode offers us a stage as atmospheric as aerial with two formations with high sensitization the Thursday November 10. The holiday that will follow should not be too much to recover from your emotions as the chances of great thrills are at their maximum.

Chills down the spine, this is indeed what many listeners felt when listening to the untitled debut album from the London collective carolinereleased in February 2022 on the prestigious label Rough Trade. Initially formed in 2017 as a trio, the band gradually expanded to an octet made up ofAlex McKenzie, Casper Hugues, Freddy Wordsworth, Hugh Aynsley, Jasper Llewellyn, Magdalena McLean, Mike O’Malley, Oliver Hamilton… but also many others coming and going over jam sessions resuming little musical tracks or vocal to better deconstruct and reconstruct them. Fixed on album, this work of exploration retains an unusual freedom and scope. Between post-rock harshness and ageless folk ballad, between noisy abyss and sunlight, the record is a marvelous ultra-sensory labyrinth in which we take great pleasure in getting lost and finding ourselves. Music that is both timeless and yet perfectly suited to our grim times that takes us from hope to despair at an exhausting pace. Suffice to say that the scenic variation of music of such intensity should stick your hair.

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The music of Mary Lattimore, the other guest of the evening, should also be of uncommon emotional strength. You may have already listened without knowing it to the work of this harpist from Los Angeles through her multiple collaborations for the cinema or with Jarvis Cocker, Thurston Moore, Sharon Van Etten, Steve Gunn, Arcade Fire… and on we go. L’Antipode had the good idea to invite the Californian on her big stage to make you discover the fascinating musical universe of her delicate compositions between experimental, ambient, folk or neo-classical music. Solo as on these superb Hundreds of Days or most recent Silver Ladders or in the company of the multi-instrumentalist Jeff Zeigler, the lady explores the possibilities of her harp (and multiple effects pedals) with rare class and inspiration. We had missed his performance on the Bon Secours beach with great regret during the last Rock Road and so we’re delighted to have such a quick and superb catch-up opportunity.

The icing on the cake will be that the two teams will play that evening in complete privacy in the middle of the public. This arrangement, so conducive to communion and practiced, among others, by other great purveyors of emotions, such as Godspeed You Black Emperor ! promises us a great moment of musical magic all in sensitivity and delicacy. Artichoke hearts and melancholy music lovers, prepare your handkerchiefs, you might well cry of happiness.

caroline et Mary Lattimore
will be in concert on Thursday, November 10, 2022 at theAntipode (Big Stage)
75 avenue Jules Maniez, Rennes
Doors open: 8:00 p.m. – Beginning of concerts: 8:30 p.m.
Price – Exit Pass! : 5€/ Subscriber Admit offer: free/ Presale: 14€/ On site: 17€

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