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Children listening to professional performances = Nishiharuchika-Minami Elementary School, Ina City

On the 24th, Ina City held an outreach mini-concert for professional musicians at both elementary schools in Nishiharuchika and Higashiharuchika. The aim is to make the music feel closer to us and to revitalize the region. The children listened to the live music up close and experienced the joy of music.

Outreach has the meaning of “reaching out”, and is an initiative to travel to the community from cultural facilities and get familiar with music. The concert will be held at 6 elementary schools in the city, including both schools.

At Nishiharuchika Minami Elementary School, 24 sixth graders watched it. The saxophone quartet “Quatuor Elan”, who works on performance activities all over the country, visited. He played five songs, including classical music, while stepping on and shaking his body. In Debussy’s masterpiece “The Girl with Flaxen Hair,” the children closed their eyes and listened while imagining the color of their hair. There were also introductions of four types of saxophones, from soprano to baritone, and I was learning the difference in timbre.

The child (12) said, “I was surprised at the power because I didn’t have the opportunity to listen to live music.” Another child (12) said, “The venue was lively with only four musical instruments, and the sound echoed on the body and floor. The rhythmic appearance conveys a fun atmosphere.”

The city is held as an outreach forum project. In addition to the elementary school, a concert will be held at Nishizawa Inasse Hall in the city on the 27th.

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