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As of: 05/04/2022 7:32 p.m

The corona test requirement in Hamburg’s schools has been overturned. However, a regulation that has already been abolished will come into force again, namely that from now on only those who have been vaccinated, who have recovered or who have been tested are allowed to take part in the lessons, the school authorities announced on Wednesday.

The authority was thus reacting to a judgment by the Hamburg Administrative Court, which last Wednesday granted the urgent application of a vaccinated high school student and a vaccinated primary school student against the obligation to wear masks and corona tests in schools. “After carefully examining the court decision, the school authorities have now come to the conclusion that the testing practice at the Hamburg schools should be changed immediately,” the authority informed the schools. This means that schoolchildren who have been vaccinated or have recovered are now exempt from the obligation to take tests, provided they can prove their vaccination or recovery status. This can be done either with every school test or once.

Administrative Court: Intervention in the right to school education

The administrative court had decided that the mask and test requirements were encroachments on the right to school education and therefore required a legal basis. However, the containment ordinance does not contain any full regulations. Rather, a regulation is at the discretion of the school authorities. This is not justified. The court had emphasized that its decision applies exclusively to the applicant.

Die The mask requirement in Hamburg’s schools has been abolished since Monday. Until now, all students had to be tested at least twice a week, even if they were vaccinated, boosted or recovered.

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